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Potatoes and Dragons

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Total Episodes : 39 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 39

Season 1
'Twas The Night Before Christmas
Agent Double-O-Nothing
All In The Family
An Elf In The Hand
Being Stainless Isn't Painless
Big Mama Torture
Business Scents
Can't Get No Respect
Closed For Construction
Cool, Baby!
Crazy For Sale
Crocodile Dandy
Elementary, My Dear Dragon
Endangered Dragon
Filthy Rich!
Fried Green Potatoes
Haunted Potatoes
Here Today, Gondola Tomorrow
His Majesty, The Dragon
Hot Potato
Incoming Inca
It Wasn't Me
Joust Kidding
King Of The Potato Frontier
Lady Ravage
Loch Ness Mess
Mr. Croaky
One Froggy Knight
Plastic Fantastic
Potato Bouquet
Potatoes Alfredo
Prehistoric Story
Ready Yeti?
Rose Party
Some Like It- Not Too Hot
Summertime, And The Dragon Is Sleepy
The Tooth, The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth
The Tortures Of Romance

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