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Total Episodes : 27 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 26

Season 1
A Lime to Party
Boo, Dude
Breaking Up with the Boss' Son
Bring It On
Cecil B. Delusioned
Deck the Mall
Employee of the Month
Enter the Dragon
Idol Time at the Mall
It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!
Mr. Nice Guy
One Quiet Day
Stupid Over Cupid
Take This Job and Squeeze It
The (Almost) Graduate
The Big Sickie
The Birthday Boy
The Fake Date
The Five Finger Discount
The Girls in the Band
The Khaki Girl
The One with the Text Message
The Slow and the Even-Tempered
The Sushi Connection
The Swami
Total Episodes for Special: 1

Dude of the Living Dead


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