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Challenge of the Go-Bots

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Total Episodes : 66 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 66

Season 1
A New Suit For Leader 1
Battle For Gobotron(PART 1)
Battle of the Rocklords
Braxis Goes Bonkers
Clutch of Doom
Cold Spell
Conquest of Earth(PART 3)
Crime Wave
Cy-Kill's Escape(PART 1)
Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray
Dawn World
Depth Charge
Destroy All Guardians
Earth Bound(PART 4)
El Tu Cy-Kill
Element of Danger
Element Of Doom
Escape From Elba
Fitor to the Finish
Flight to Earth(PART 4)
Forced Alliance
Genius and Son
Guardian Academy
Inside Job
Invasion From the 21st Level(PART 1)
Invasion From the 21st Level(PART 2)
It's the Thought That Counts
Lost On Gobotron
Mission Gobotron
Nova Beam
Pacific Overtures
Quest For New Earth
Quest For the Creator(PART 2)
Renegade Alliance
Renegade Carnival
Renegade Rampage(PART 1)
Renegade Rampage(PART 2)
Return to Gobotron(PART 5)
Ring of Fire
Scooter Enhanced
Search For the Ancient Gobonauts
Speed Is of the Essence
Steamer's Defectio
Target Earth(PART 2)
Tarnished Image
Terror In Atlantis
The Fall of Gobotron(PART 3)
The Final Conflict(PART 5)
The Gift
The GoBot Who Cried Renegade
The GoBots That Time Forgot
The Last Magic Man
The Quest For the Rogue-Star
The Secret of Hailey's Comet
The Seer
The Third Column
Time Wars
Transfort Point
Trident's Triple Threat
Ultra Zod
Whiz Kid
Wolf In the Fold

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