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X's, The

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Total Episodes : 16 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
AAIIEE, Robot / Mission: Irresponsible
From Crusha With Love / Xcitement
License to Slumber / Three Days of the Coin Op
Mock Tutors / Meddle Mouth
Mr. Fix It / Doommates
On Her Majesty's Postal Service / Pinheads
Secret Agent Manual / The Spy Who Liked Me
To Err is Truman / No More Mrs. Nice X
Truman X: Super Villian
Wealth vs. Stealth/ Wee House
You Only Sneeze Twice / X Takes a Holiday
Total Episodes for Season 2: 3

Season 2
Quit Your Day Job / Missing Home
The Haunting of Home Base

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In 1918, cartoonist Irwin Hasen was born. The co-creator of Dondi also has extensive 1940s DC Comics credits.