Catillac Cats

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Total Episodes : 81 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 81

Season 1
A Better Mousetrap
A Camping We Will Go
A Letter To Granny
Bag Cat Sings The Blues
Beach Blanket Mungo
Big Foot
Brushing Up
Carnival Capers
Cat Angles
Cat Balloon
Cat Can Do
Cat Days/Ninja Nights
Cat In The Hat
Catlympic Cat
Christmas Memories
Circus Berserkus
Cleo Moves In
Condo Fever
Cottontails, Chickens, And Colored Eggs
Crusin For A Bruisin
Debutante Ball
Divide And Clobber
Dr. Mousetus
For The Birds
Games Of Love
Going South
Harem Cat
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Hector Spector
Hector The Dectector
Hector The Protector
Hector's Takeover
High Goon
Hockey Pucks
House Of The Future
In Search Of Catlantis
Iron Cats
Jungle Vacation
Kitten Around
Kitty Kat Kennels
Leroy Gets Canned
Leroy's In Love
Life Saver
Monstro And Wolfhound
Much Ado About Bedding
Mungo Gets No Repect
Mungo Lays An Egg
Mungo The Jungle
Mungo's Big Romance
Mungo's Dilemma
Off Road Racer
Pecos' Treasure
Prehysteric Riff Raff
Repo Cat
Riff Raff The Gourmet
Riff Raff's Mom
Scardy Cats
Search For A Star
Soccer Anyone?
Space Cat
Super Hero Mungo
Swamp Fever
Tenting Tonight
The Babysitters
The Big Swipw
The Cat In The Iron Mask
The Comedy Cat
The Farming Life Ain't For Me
The Meow-Sic Goes Round And Round
The Merry Pransksters
The Mungo Mash
The Other Woman
The Trojan Cadillac
Time Warped
Whacked Out
Who's Got The Chocolate?
Wishful Thinking
Yes, Sewer, That's My Baby
Young Cat With A Horn

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In 1946, Tim Curry was born in Grappnhall, Cheshire, UK.