F-Zero GP Legend

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Total Episodes : 51 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 26

Season 1
A Risky Rendezvous
Ambition of Zoda
Battle of the Woman
Black Shadow Laughs
Burn Out on Planet Clifoto
Chain Reaction (aka Songtress Kate)
Clark's Adventure
Humanity and Justice
Iron Man Neelsen
Leave It to Super Arrow
Lucy's Epic Duel
Octoman's Dream
Roger and Draq
Run and Come Out, Spin Booster
Ryu and Falcon
Ryu's Magnificent Day Off
Sniper Pico
Super Physical Reactor and Dynamite
The Boy from Planetary Hell
The Disappearance of Mrs. Arrow
The Legend Begins
The Promise
The Racer's Edge
The Samurai's Secret
The Secret Within
The Trap Of Michael Chain (aka Shadow of the Past)
Total Episodes for Season 2: 25

Season 2
Annihilate Black Shadow
Black Shadow
Black Shadow's Undertaking
Clark And Gazelle
Coffee Break
Elite Mobile Platoon Breakup
Falcon's Confession
Falcon's Crimson Flower
Grim Reaper Jack Levin
Hunter Beastman
Invitation From Black Shadow
James McCloud
Only One Falcon
Scream From The Darkness
The 150-Year Decision
The Castle Of Don Genie
The Dark Reactor
The Legend Of Captain Falcon
The Legendary Man
The Mighty Gazelle
Zoda's Other Ambition

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