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Total Episodes : 52 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 52

Season 1
A Christmas Peril / Good Morning Dr. Harvey / Fright Before Christmas
Aboove the Law / Ten Little Fatsos / Haunt-a-Thon
Boo to the Future / All that Falderal
Boopardy / Do You Like Me? / MacDeath!
Casper vs. The Ultimate Fan Boy / Field of Screams
Columboo / All About "C"
Dead of the Class / A Spooky and Poil Moment / Y-Files
Episode 46
Episode 47
Episode 48
Episode 49
Episode 50
Episode 51
Episode 52
Frightening Storm / The Ghostly Trio / The Legend of Whitebeard
Ghost Jam / Do the Spooky / Dr. Harvey and Mr. Gruesome
Gingersnap Out of It / Send a Good Stink Up Their Noses / Ghostly Locks and the Three Scares
Grim and Bear It / Fatso of the Opera
Hat Sick / Cancion de Olor / The Boo-Muda Triangle
Intensive Scare / F-A-T-S-O / Stench!
Losing Face / Galloping Ghost
Luck of the Spookish / Day Care Nightmare
Mom Always Liked Ghouls Best / Bury Maguire / Dare to Scare
Paranormal Press / Another Spooky and Poil Moment / Deadstock
Paws / The Alphabet Song / Is So Too
Poil Jammed / The Who That I Am / A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Politically Co-Wrecked Casper / Three Little Letters / Pen and Tell Her
Rats! / Stinkie Time Theater / Great Ghouly Governess
Rocket Booster / A Really Scary Casper Moment / The Day of the Living Casper
Something to Stink About / Pulp Friction
Spook, Lies and Videotapes / Ghostfather
Spooking Bee / Fugedaboudit / The Flew
That Thing You Boo! / A Good Walk Poiled
The Scummies / Three-Ring Whipstaff / It's Best to Be the Most
The Son Also Rises / Stretching is Good For You / Ghostfinger
This Old Manor / Scareobicize
Three Boos and a Babe / The Whipstaff Inmates / Elusive Exclusive
Three Ghosts and a Baby / I Wanna be Rude / Leave it to Casper
What Goes Around / Scavenger Haunt

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