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Abbott and Costello

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Total Episodes : 155 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 155

Season 1
A Car is Born
A Creep in the Deep
A Goose Misuse
A Guest in the Nest
Abbott and Costello in Blunderland
Baby Buggy
Baby Shoo
Bad Day at High Noon
Big Bird Break Out
Bounty Booty
Broom Gloom
Bully Billy
Bully for Lou
Carnival of Menace
Catman on a Hot Tin Roof
Cherokee Choo-Choo
Concrete Evidence
Cops and Saucers
Crying High
Dangerous Buck
Dinosaur Dilemma
Dog Gone Dog
Doggies by the Dozen
Down in the Dumps
Dragon Along
Drumsticks Along the Mohawk
Eskimo Pie-eyed
Fighting the Clock
Follow the Bouncing Blob
Frail Whale
Frigid Fugitive
Fumbled Fable
G.I. Jokers
Galoots in Armor Suits
Gator Baiter
Germ Squirm
Get 'im Tiger
Glass Reunion
Go Go Goliath
Going Buggy
Going to Pot
Going, Going-Gun!
Gone Ghosts
Gone Like the Wind
Gorilla Thriller
Hey, Abbott!
High Wire Lion
Hotel Suit and Sour
In the Soup
Invader Raider
Kooks and Spooks
Lashed but Leashed
Luma Tricks
Lumbering Lummoxes
Magic Mix-Up
Magic Monster
Marauding Mummy
Merry Misfits
Mighty Midget Mustang
Mountain Mischief
Mouse Route
No Place Like Rome
Not So Sweet Sioux
Paddle Boat Pirate
Password to Panic
Pearl Diving Perils
Phantom of the Hoss Opera
Phoney Express
Picture Frame-Up
Pigs in a Panic
Pigskin Pickle
Pinocchio's Dounble Trouble
Planet Plant
Private General Nuisance
Professor Uncle's Ants
Puppet Enemy Number One
Rabbit Grabbers
Rabbit Rouser
Rescue Miscue
Rhino Riot
Road Race Ruckus
Rodeo Rumpus
Run of De Mille Pictures
Sahara You?
Save a Cave
Ship Ahooey
Shock Treatment
Shoo Shoes
Shooting the Works
Shutter Bugged Sea Serpent
Sinister Professor Sinister
Sitting Pity
Son of Konk
Space Beard
Space Toy Tyrants
Stand-In Stand-Off
Starlight Starfright
Super Car
Super Knight
Super Lou
Super Terror Strikes Again
Tasmanian Terror
Teenie Weenie Genie
Teensy vs. Weensys
Texas Jack
The Astro-Nuttys
The Big Cannon Caper
The Bouncing Rubber Man
The Cloud Monster
The Drastic Driller
The Eighth Dwarf
The Fiendish Farmer
The Forty Thieves
The Gadget King
The Gravity Grabber
The Hound Hounders
The Ice-Tronauts
The Indestructable Space Suit
The Lava Monster
The Little Fat Boy Cried Wolf
The Long, Long Camper
The Mark of El Zap
The Moleman Mine
The Purple Baron
The Queen of Diamonds
The Sinister Stinger
The Two Musketeers
The Vacuum Villain
The Vikings
There Auto Be A Law
Throne for a Loss
Tiny Terror
Tom All-Thumbs
Tooth or Consequences
Tragic Magic
Trigger Tracks
Turkish Daffy
Two on the Isle
Underworld Whirl
Wacky Wax Work
Weird Neighbors
Werewolf Whim-Wham
Which Witch is Which?
Who Needs Arrest?
Wild Man, Wild
Yankee Doodle Dudes

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In 1921, cartoonist Tony DiPreta was born. He was famous for work done on Joe Palooka and Rex Morgan, M.D.