Martin Mystery

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Total Episodes : 40 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 40

Season 1
Attack of the Mothman
Attack of the Sandman
Attack Of The Slime People
Crypt Of The Djini
Curse of the Deep
Curse of the Necklace
Eternal Christmas
Fright from the Ice
Germs From Beyond
Haunting of the Blackwater
It Came from Inside the Box
It Came from the Bog
Mark of the Shapeshifter
Movie Monster Mayhem
Mystery Of the Hole Creature
Mystery of the Vanishing
Nightmare of the Coven
Return of the Beasts
Return of the Dark Druid
Return of The Vampire
Revenge of the Doppelganger
Scream From The Forest
Shriek from Beyond
Summer Camp Nightmare
Terror from the Sky
The Amazon Vapor
The Awakening
The Beast Within
The Body Swapper
The Creeping Slime
The Lost Tribe
The Sewer Thing
The Third Eye
They Came From Outer Space - Part 1
They Came From Outer Space - Part 2
They Came From The Gateway - Part 1
They Came From The Gateway - Part 2
They Lurk Beneath
You Do Voodoo
Zombie Island

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