Kappa Mikey

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Total Episodes : 54 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 26

Season 1
A Christmas Mikey
Battle of the Band
Big Brozu
Big Trouble in Little Tokyo
Easy Come, Easy Gonard
La Cage Aux Mikey
La Femme Mitsuki
Like Ozu, Like Son
Lily Meow
Lost in Transportation
Mikey Impossible
Mikey Likes It (Garbage)
Reality Bites
Saving Face
Ship of Fools
The Fugi-Kid
The Good, the Bad, and the Mikey
The Lost Pilot
The Man Who Would Be Mikey
The Oni Express
The Phantom of the Soundstage
The Sumo of All Fears
The Switch
Uh Oh, Guano
With Fans Like These...
Total Episodes for Season 2: 28

Season 2
Back to School
Fashion Frenzy
Free Squiddy
Go Nard Hunting
Hog Day Afternoon
Live LilyMu
Live LilyMu
Manic Monday
Mikey and the Pauper
Mikey at the Bat
Mikey's Memoirs
Mikey's Place
Mikey, Kappa
Mitsuki Butterfly
Mitsuki Vanishes
Night of the Werepuff
Script Assassin
Seven From LilyMu
The Bracemaster
The Clip Show
The Heart of the Arena
The Karaoke Episode (1)
The Karaoke Episode (2)
The Masked Tanuki
The Wizard of Ozu
Tin Putt

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