Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels

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Total Episodes : 40 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 16

Season 1
Big Scare in the Big Top
Cavey and the Kabuta Clue
Cavey and the Weirdo Werewolf
Double Dribble Riddle
Playing Footsie with Big Foot
Ride 'em Caveman
The Crazy Case of the Tell-Tale Tape
The Creepy Case of the Creaky Charter Boat
The Creepy Claw Caper
The Disappearing Elephant Mystery
The Fur Freight Fright
The Kooky Case of the Cryptic Keys
The Mixed Up Mystery of Dead Man's Reef
The Mystery Mansion Mix-Up
The Strange Case of the Creature from Space
What a Flight for a Fight
Total Episodes for Season 2: 8

Season 2
Cavey's Crazy Car Caper
Cavey's Fashion Fiasco
Cavey's Mexicali 500
Cavey's Missing Missile Miss-tery
Cavey's Winter Carnival Caper
Disco Cavey
Muscle-Bound Cavey
Wild West Cavey
Total Episodes for Season 3: 16

Season 3
Cavey and the Albino Rhino
Cavey and the Baffling Buffalo Man
Cavey and the Murky Mississippi Mystery
Cavey and the Volcanic Villain
Cavey Goes to College
Kentucky Cavey
Lights, Camera . . . Cavey!
Old Cavey in New York
Prehistoric Panic
The Dummy
The Haunting of Hog Hollow
The Legend of Devil's Run
The Mystery of the Meandering Mummy
The Old Caveman and the Sea
The Scarifying Seaweed Secret

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