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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures

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Total Episodes : 21 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
A Black Night in San Dimas
A Grimm Story of an Overdue Book
A Job, a Job, My Kingdom for a Job
A Most Excellent Roman Holiday
Birds of a Feather Stick to the Roof of Your Mouth
Model "T" for Ted
Never the Twain Shall Meet
One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure - to Go
Pocket Watch Full of Miracles
The Birth of Rock 'n Roll or Too Hip for the Womb
The More Heinous They Are, the Harder They Fall
This Babe Ruth "Babe" Is a Dude, Dude
When the Going Gets Tough Bill & Ted Are History
Total Episodes for Season 2: 8

Season 2
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in Babysitting
Goodbye Columbus... and America
It's a Bogus Day in the Neighborhood
Leave It to Bill & Ted
Now Museum, Now You Don't
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Phone Booth
The Star Strangled Banner
The Totally Gross Anatomy of a Gym Teacher


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