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Beverly Hills Teens

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Total Episodes : 65 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 65

Season 1
A Splitting Image
A Time to Remember
Bianca's Diary
Bianca's Dream
Camp Camping
Casting Call
Chase of a Lifetime
Chester the Matchmaker
Death Valley 500
Diet, Please
Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover-Girl
Double Your Trouble
Double-Surfing Double-Cross
Down and Out in the Teenclub
Downhill Racer
Dream Date
Eye of the Tigress
Fairy Tale Flake Out
From Rad to Worse
Ghost Story
Go With the Flu
Greens With Envy
Halloween in the Hills
Hold the Anchovies!
Jillian's Lesson
Look Deep Into My Eyes
McTech, P.I.
Miracle at the Teenclub p. 1
Miracle at the Teenclub p. 2
My Fair Wilshire
Nikki's Big Break
Nothing But the Gossip
Now We're Cooking!
Old at Heart
Open for Business
Operation Soap Opera
Pierce's Hundred Dollars
Poll Climbers
Potions of Love
Private Club-Ghosts Only
Radley Wipes Out
Robot Romance
Roughing It
Scene Stealer
Star Split
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Take My Hostage, Please!
Teenclub Carnival
That Winning Smile
The Buck Stops Here
The Commercial
The Dog Ate My Homework
The Kindest Cut of All
The Make Over
The Perfect Gift
The Slumber Party
The Teen Cup
The Tortoise and the Dare
Trouble Times Three
Troy Triathalon
Visit from a Prince
What the Hex Happening?
Who Wears the Pants?


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