Beany and Cecil (60's)

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Total Episodes : 74 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 74

Season 1
20,000 Little Leaguers Under the Sea
A Hero by Trade
A Living Doll
A Trip to the Schmoon
Ain't I a Little Stinger?
Ain't That a Cork in the Snorkel?
Beany and Cecil Meet Billy the Squid
Beany and the Boo-Birds
Beany and the Jackstalk
Beany Blows His Top
Beany Flips His LidThe Fleastone Kop Kaper
Beany Meets the Monstrous Monster
Beany's Beany-Cap Copter
Beany's Buffalo Hunt
Beany's Resid-Jewels
Ben Hare
Buffalo Billy
Cecil Always Saves the Day
Cecil Gets Careless
Cecil Meets Cecilia
Cecil Meets the Singing Dinosaur
Cecil's Comical Strip
Cecil's Scrape-Book
Cheery Cheery Beany
Custard's Last Stand
D.J. the Dee Jay
Davey Crickett
Davey Crickett's Leading Lady-Bug
Dirty Pool
Dishonest John Meets Cowboy Starr
Dragon Train
Grime Doesn't Pay
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
Hare-Cules and the Golden Fleecing
Here Comes the Schmoeboat
Invasion of Earth by Robots
Little Ace from Outer Space
Madd Invisible Man
Makes a Sea Serpent Sore
Malice in Blunderland
Never Eat Quackers in Bed
Nye Ha Ha!
Sleeping Beauty and the Beast
So What and the Seven Whatnots
Taint Crickett, Crickett
Ten Foot Tall and Wet
The Attack of the Man Eater Skeeters
The Capture of Ping Pong
The Capture of Tear-a-long the Dotted Lion
The Dirty Birdy
The Dreaded Three Headde Threep
The Greatest Shmoe on Earth
The Hammy Awards
The Humbug
The Illegal Eagle Egg
The Indiscreet Squeet
The Invisible Man Has Butterfingers
The Phantom Horse of the Opera
The Rat Race for Space
The Seventh Voyage of Singood
The Singin' Swingin' Sea Serpent
The Spots off a Leopard
The Vil Vast Vasteland
The Warring 20s
The Wildman of Wildsville
There Goes a Good Squid
There's No Such Thing as a Sea Serpent
Thumb Fun
Thunderbolt the Wondercolt
Tommy Hawk
Wot the Heck
Yo Ho and a Bubble of Gum

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