Yogi's Treasure Hunt

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Total Episodes : 27 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 27

Season 1
20,000 Leaks Under the Sea
Beswitched, Buddha'd, and Bewildered
Beverly Hills Flop
Bungle in the Jungle
Countdown Drac
Follow the Yellow Brick Gold
Goodbye Mr. Chump
Heavens to Planetoid
Huckle Hero
Merlin's Lost Book of Magic
Ole the Red Nose Viking
Secret Agent Bear
Snow White and the 7 Treasure Hunters
The Attack of Dr. Mars
The Case of the Hopeless Diamond
The Curse of Tutti Frutti
The Great American Treasure
The Greed Monster
The Moaning Liza
The Return of El Kabong
The Riddle in the Middle of the Earth
There's no place like Nome
To Bee or not to Bee, That is the Treasure
Yogi and the Beanstalk
Yogi and the Unicorn
Yogi Bear on the Air
Yogi's Heroes

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