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Yogi Bear Show, The

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Total Episodes : 68 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 36

Season 1
Baffled Bear
Bareface Bear
Be My Guest Pest
Bear For Punishment
Bear on a Picnic
Bewitched Bear
Big Bad Bully
Brainy Bear
Brave Little Bear
Daffy Daddy
Disguise and Gals
Duck In Luck
Foxy Hound Dog
Hide & Go Peek
High Fly Guy
Hoodwinked Bear
Lullabye-Bye Bear
Nowhere Bear
Papa Yogi
Pie Pirates
Prize Fight Fright
Rah Rah Bear
Robin Hood Yogi
Scooter Looter
Show Biz Bear
Slumber Party Smarty
Snow White Bear
Space Bear
Stranger Ranger
Tally Ho-Ho-Ho
The Brave Little Brave
The Buzzin' Bear
The Runaway Bear
The Stout Trout
Wound Up Bear
Yogi Bear's Big Break
Total Episodes for Season 2: 16

Season 2
A Pair of Bears
Acrobatty Yogi
Bare Face Bear
Bears and Bees
Booby Trapped Bear
Cub Scout Boo Boo
Do or Diet
Genial Genie
Iron Hand Jones
Little Red Riding Boo Boo
Love-Bugged Bear
Oinks and Boinks
Slap Happy Birthday
Spy Guy
The Biggest Show Off on Earth
Touch and Go-Go-Go
Total Episodes for Season 3: 16

Season 3
A Wooin' Bruin
Batty Bear
Bear Foot Soldiers
Birthday Show part 1
Birthday Show part 2
Birthday Show part 3
Droop A Long Yogi
Gleesome Threesome
Ice Box Raider
Loco Locomotive
Missile-Bound Bear
Muscle-Bound Yogi
Queen Bee for a Day
Ring-A-Ding Picnic Basket
Tread Bare Bear
Yogi In the City


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