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World of Commander McBragg, The

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Total Episodes : 48 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 48

Season 1
Around The World
Bronco Buster
Chicago Mobsters
Coney Island
Dam Break
Dodge City Dodge
Echo Canyon
Fish Story
Football By Hex
Fort Apache
Indianapolis Speedway
Insect Collector
Khyber Pass
Lake Tortuga
Lost Valley
Mammoth Cavern
Niagra Falls
Okefenokee Swamp
Over The Falls
Oyster Island
Rainbow Island
Secret Agent In New York,
Ship In The Desert
Swimming The Atlantic
The Ace Of Aces
The Astronaut
The Black Knight
The Flying Machine
The Flying Pond
The Flying Trapeze
The Giant Bird
The Giant Elephant
The Giant Mosquito
The Himalayas
The Kangaroo
The Lumber Jack
The Monster Bear
The Mystifying McBragg
The North Pole
The Old Ninety-Two
The Orient Express
The Rhino Charge
The Singing Cowboy
The Steam Car
Tight Rope


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