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Wonderful Stories of Professor Kitzel, The

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Total Episodes : 103 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 103

Season 1
Abba of Benin
Abraham Lincoln
African Gold Coast/Ashantis
Al Rashib
Anton Von Leewenhoek/Lenses
Athens and Sparta
August Picard/Bathyscaph
Australian Aborigines
Benjamin Franklin/Electricity
Buffalo Bill Cody
Buffalo Herds
California Gold Rush
Capt. Froebischer/Fools Gold
Captain Bligh/HMS Bounty
Cave Paintings of Alta Meara
Charlemagne and Elephant
Charles Darwin/Evolution
Charles Darwin/HMS Beagle
Charles Dickens
Charles Lindbergh
Christopher Columbus
Covered Wagons
Customs of China
Daniel Boone
Declaration of Independence
Duryea Brothers/Automobiles
Early Boat Builders
Early Crete
Early Man/Lake Dwellers
Easter Island
Egypt/Cheops Pyramid
Emperor Nero of Rome
Erie Canal
Eskimo Life/Igloos
Frederick Douglas/Slavery
Fur Trading
George Washington
Great Fire of London
Guglielmo Marconi
Hillary and Mount Everest
History of Rockets
India/Hindus/Taj Mahal
Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cousteau
James Watt/Steam Locomotive
Joan of Arc
John Cabot
John Smith and Pocahontas
Kier and Drake/First Oil Well
Leonardo da Vinci/Flight
Lewis Carroll/Alice Stories
Louis Blariot/Early Aviation
Louis Pasteur
Marco Polo in China
Masai Warriors
Mayan Archaeology
Middle Ages/Hunting
Middle Ages/Knights
Mississippi Steamboat
Montezuma and Cortez
Mount Olympus/Greek Gods
Mystery of Stonehenge
New Amsterdam/New York
Northwest Indians/Totemism
Oracle of Delphi
Perry at the Pole
Peter the Great
Peter the Hermit/Crusades
Picard Brothers/Ballooning
Pilgrims/First Thanksgiving
Pioneers in Early America
Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius
Ponce de Leon
Prehistoric Man/Ice Age
Profile of Japan
Pueblo Indians
Robert Perry/North Pole
Romulus and Remus
Rosetta Stone
Sahara Desert
Samuel F.B. Morse
Search for Ancient Troy
South Pole/Scott and Amundsen
Statue of Liberty
Thomas Edison
Thomas Payne
Thor Heyerdahl/Kon Tiki
Treasure Ships/Spanish Armada
Vasco de Gama/Spice Trading
Vikings/Erik the Red
Whaling Ships
Wright Brothers


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