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What Ever Happened to Robot Jones?

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Total Episodes : 14 

Total Episodes for Pilot: 1

Whatever Happened To Robot Jones?
Total Episodes for Season 1: 6

Season 1
Cube Wars/Sickness
Electric Boogaloo/Groovesicle
Jealousy/Scantron Love
Politics/Growth Spurts
PU To P.E./Vacuum Friend
Total Episodes for Season 2: 7

Season 2
Family Vacation / Hair
Gender / Math Challenge
House Party / School Newspaper
Safety Patrol / Popularity
Summer Camp / Rules of Dating
The Garage Band / Work
The Yogman's Strike Back / Hookie 101

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In 1930, producer Leon Schlesinger put the Harman-Ising Studio and Warner Bros. together to make cartoons, later entitled Looney Tunes.