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Weekenders, The

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Total Episodes : 37 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 8

Season 1
Band / Sitters
Crush Test Dummies / Grow Up
Dead Ringer / Carver the Terrible
home@work / To Be or Not to Be
Makeover / The New Girl
Party Planning / Pudding Ball
Shoes of Destiny / Sense and Sensitivity
Throwing Carver /The Perfect Weekend
Total Episodes for Season 2: 9

Season 2
Diary / Real Fake
Dixon (1) / Dixon (2)
Each To His Own / The Invited
Murph / Uncool World
My Punky Valentine / Brain Envy
Radio Drama / The Tradition
Super Kids / Crevasse of Dreams
Taking Sides / To Tish
Tickets / Vengeance
Total Episodes for Season 3: 13

Season 3
Best / Broken
Careers / Tutor
Celebrity (1) / Celebrity (2)
Clown / Testing Dixon
Croquembouche / Imperfection
Crushin' Roulette / Lucky Shoes
Cry / The Perfect Son
Father's Day / Follow the Leader
Listen Up / Never Say Diorama
Secret Admirer / The Lone Wolves Club
The Most Dangerous Weekend / Charity Case
The Tao of Bluke / An Experimental Weekend
The Worst Holiday Ever (1) / The Worst Holiday Ever (2)
Total Episodes for Season 4: 7

Season 4
Talent Show / Voice Over
The Best Worst Weekend Ever / Relative Boredom
The Date Arrangement / Tino's Dad
The Hallowe'en That Almost Wasn't / Laundry Day
The M-Ah Word / The Different Awful Differential Theory
The Strange Origin Of Petratishkovna/Brain / In Spite Of Lor's Will
Tish's Hair / I Want to be Alone!


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