Wally Gator

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Total Episodes : 52 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 52

Season 1
Accidentally On Purpose
Ape Scrape
Baby Chase
Bachelor Buttons
Ballon Baffoon
Bear With Me
Birthday Grievings
Bubble Trouble
California Or Bust
Camera Shy Guy
Carpet Baggers
Creature Feature
Droopy Dragon
Escape Artist
False Alarm
Frame And Fortune
Gator Baitor
Gator Imitator
Gator Napper
Gladiator Gator
Gopher Broke
Gosh Zilla
Gourmet Gator
Ice Charades
Ice Cube Boob
Knight Nut
Little Red Riding Gator
Marshall Wally
Medine Avenue
No More Mower
One Round Trip
Outside Looking In
Over The Fence Is Out
Pen Striped Suit
Phantom Alligator
Puddle Hopper
Rassle Dazzle
Rebel Rabble
Safe At Home
Sea Sick Pals
Semi Seminole
Ship Shape Escape
Snooper Snowzer
Squatter's Rights
Swamp Fever
Tantilizin' Turnips
The Big Drip
The Forest Prime Evil
Unconscious Conscience
Which Which Is Witch?
Whistle Stopper
White Tie And Frails

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In 1928, Adam West was born in Walla Walla, Washington.