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Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

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Total Episodes : 48 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 48

Season 1
Accidents Will Happen
Alice's Crush
Alice's Diet
Alice's Dress
Alice's Freedom
Back To Nature
Birdman Chet
Bringing Up Jamie
Car 54
Chet's Fiancee
Chet's Job
Chet's Pad
Don For The Defense
Duty Calls
Expectant Papa
Help Wanted
Jamie's Project
Love Story
Mama Loves Monty
Mama's Charity
Mama's Identity
Marriage Counselor
Maude Loves Papa
Model Alice
My Wife, The Secretary
Papa In New York
Papa's Big Check
Papa, The Coach
Papa, The Housewife
Permissive Papa
Rich Little, Super Sleuth
Sweet Sixteen
The Beach Vacation
The Bee-Keeper
The Boyles On TV
The Commune
The Fling
The Hippie
The Lady Detective
The Mouse
The Music Tycoon
The Neighbors
The New Car
The New House
The Patient
The Prowler
The Swimming Pool
The Victim

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In 1921, cartoonist Tony DiPreta was born. He was famous for work done on Joe Palooka and Rex Morgan, M.D.