U.S. Acres

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Total Episodes : 38 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 38

Season 1
Banana Nose (Banana Nose)
Barn Of Fear
Cock-A-Doodle Dandy (Mr. Lips)
Double-Oh Orson
First Aid Wade (Doctors Are Your Friend)
Flop Goes The Weasel (I Am A Hero)
Fortune Kooky (Superstition)
Gort Goes Good (I Wanna Be Nice)
Grabbity (Grabbity)
Hamelot (Hamelot)
Hocules II (Hogcules)
Hog Noon (Pig Without A Gun)
Hogcules (Hogcules, Our Hero)
I Like Having You Around (I Like Having You Around)
Impractical Joker (Can't Take A Joke)
Keeping Cool (Keep Cool)
Little Red Riding Egg
Mud Sweet Mud (My Waller)
No Laughing Matter (Laughter)
Nothing To Be Afraid Of (I'm Afraid)
Peanut-Brained Rooster (Peanuts)
Retrun Of Power Pig (Rumors)
Rooster Revenge (I Gotcha!)
Scrambled Eggs (Rock Lullabye)
Shell-Shocked Sheldon (Come Out)
Short Story (I'm Short)
Show Stoppers (Show Stoppers)
Shy Fly Guy (I Should Fly)
Sleepytime Pig (One, Two, Trhee, Snore)
Swine Trek (Swine Trek)
The Bad Sport (Don't Be Afraid Of Something New)
The Goodie-Go-Round (Let's Get Together)
The Origin Of Power Pig (Power Pig)
The Worm Turns (The Worm)
Unidentified Flying Orson (Read, Read)
Wade You're Afraid (Wade You're Afraid)
Wanted: Wade (What Harm Can It Do)

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