Teamo Supremo

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Total Episodes : 34 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 12

Season 1
And Then There Were Two / Who Invited The Birthday Bandit?
Appetite for ... Dessert / It's Crandall's Birthday -- Bandit!
Attack of the Stuffed Stuff! / Reservoir Frogs!
Danger: Dirigibles! / Enter The Cheapskates!
In The Beginning... / Duly Deputized Super Agents
Mr. Vague Does Something... / The Big Put Down!
My Sister The Spy / The Sinister Substitute!
Pogo Panic! / Enter Dr. 'Droid!
Sounds of the Songstress! / Calling Captain Excellent!
The Chief's New Groove! / Capitol Offense
The Return of Technor! / A Monumental Crisis!
The Sinister Stylist / Running The Gauntlet
Total Episodes for Season 2: 22

Season 2
Brenda's Birthday Bandit! / Raising The State
Doing the Supremo! / Beware of the Bungler!
Electronica's Game / The Angler's Angle
Electronica's Game 2/Running the Gauntlet 2
Getaway Car-Go! / Enter Lord Druid!
Happy Holidays, Mr. Gruff / The Grandfather Show
Out of the Past / Sinister Shillelagh!
Play it Again Songstress
Pyrite and Pirate / The Cheer of the Chief!
Sinister Sloppy Joe! / Sun, Surf, Sand, and... Skull?
Something Cheesy This Way Comes / Cartoons of Doom!
State of Chaos! / Science Friction!
Teamo Rocks / The Wrath of Scooter Lad
The Big Image Problem! / Not on My Cinco De Mayo!
The Haunted House on Horror Hill! / An Appointment With The Dentist!
The Mark of Comrade Z
The Parents From Another Planet! / Birthday Bash!
Thog the Caveman Returns / Mr. Large's Slippery Scheme
Welcome to the Magna Mall / The Baron's Blitz
Welcome to the Magna Mall / The Baron's Blitz
Who invited The Birthday Bandit?
You Better Call Me Chief! / When Elements Collide!

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