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Total Episodes : 65 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 65

Season 1
A Devil of a Job
A Midsummer Night's Scream / Astro Taz
A Young Taz's Fancy / A Flea For You
Antenna Dilemma / Autograph Pound
Bad Luck Bottlecap / A Story With a Moral
Battling Bushrats / Devil in the Deep Blue Sea
Bewitched Bob
Bird-Brained Beast / Ready, Willing, Unable
Boys Just Wanna Have Fun / Unhappy Together
Bushlad's Lament / The Taz-Mania Comedy Institute
Comic Madness / Blunders Never Cease
Devil Indemnity
Devil With the Violet Dress On / Kidnapped Koala
Doubting Dingo / Sub Commander Taz
Driving Mr. Taz / Mean Bean / Taz Museum
Feed a Cold / Sidekick for a Day
Food For Thought / Gone to Pieces
Heartbreak Taz / Just Be 'Cuz
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty / Enter the Devil
Home Dispair / Take All of Me
Hypno-Tazed / Mum's n' Taz
Instant Replay / Taz and the Pterodactyl
It's a Taz's Life / Gee, Bull!
It's No Picnic / Kee-Wee Ala King
Jake's Big Date / Taz Live
Kee-Wee Cornered / But Is It Taz?
Like Father Like Son / Frights of Passage
Mall Wrecked / A Dingo's Guide to Magic
Merit Badgered
Mishap in the Mist / Toothache Taz
Mutton For Nothing / Dr. Wendal and Mr. Taz
Never Cry Taz / Bully For Bull
No Time For Christmas
Not a Shadown of a Doubt / Nursemaid Taz
Of Bushrats and Hugh / A Taz Moment
Oh, Brother / Taz Babies
Platypi on Film / One Saturday in Taz-Mania
Pup Goes the Wendal / I'm Okay You're Taz
Retakes Not Included / Pledge Dredge
Road to Taz-Mania
Sidekicked / Gone With the Windbag
Taz and The Emu Egg / Willie Wombat's Last Stand / K-TAZ Commercial
Taz in Kee-Wee Land / Struck For Bucks / A Philosophical Moment
Taz Like Dingo
Taz-Mania Confidential / The Platypi Psonic Psensation Psimulator
Taz-Mania's Funniest Home Videos / Bottle Cap Blues
Taz-Manian Lullaby / Deer Taz / A Taz-Mania Moment
Taz-Manian Theatre / The Bushrats Must Be Crazy
The Amazing Shrinking Taz and Co.
The Dog the Turtle Story
The Man From M.A.R.S. / Friends For Strife
The Not So Gladiators / One Ring Taz
The Origin of the Beginning of the Incredible Taz-Man / Francis Takes a Stand
The Outer Taz-Manian Zone / Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty Part II
The Pied Piper of Taz-Mania / The Treasure of the Burnet Sienna
The Return of the Road to Taz-Mania Strikes Back
The Taz Story Primer / Ask Taz
The Thing That Ate the Outback / Because It's There
Ticket Taker Taz / Taz - 2
Wacky Wombat / Molly's Folly
War & Pieces / Airborn Airhead
We'll Always Have Taz-Mania / Moments You've Missed
Willie Wombat's Deja Boo-Boo / To Catch a Taz
Woeful Wolf
Yet Another Road to Taz-Mania

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