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Tales of the Wizard of Oz

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Total Episodes : 126 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 126

Season 1
A Fish Tale
A Wiff of Courage
All In A Lather
An Optical Delusion
Bake Your Cake And Eat It Too
Be a Card
Beauty and The Beach
Boomer Rang
Brain Child
Chowy Mein
Dandy's Dilemma
Desmond's Dilemma
Don't Pick The Daisies
Double Trouble
Down In The Mouth
Fountain of Youth
Free Trade
Friends of a Feather
Gabe the Gobbler
Get Out the Vote
Going To Pieces
Guaranteed For Life
Gung-Ho Gang
Have Your Pie and Eat It Too
It's A Dog's Life
Leap Frog
Leapin Lion
Love Sick
Machine Gun Morris
Magic Hat
Mail-Order Lover
Misfire Miss
Monkey Air Lift
Movie Maid
On The Wing
Ozzie The Ostrich
Places Please
Plug-In Courage
Roar, Lion Roar
Roll the Presses
Rusty Rusty
Salad Happy
Shadow Shakes
Sound of Munchkins
Storm in A Tea Cup
The Bag of Wind
The Balloon Buzz
The Big Brother
The Big Cake Bake
The Big Shot
The Brain
The Brick Stealer
The Bubble Champ
The Bull Fighter
The Cat's Meow
The Chariot Race
The Clock Watchers
The Coat of Arms
The Cool Lion
The Count
The Cultured Lion
The Dinner Party
The Do-It-Yourself Heart
The Fallen Star
The Family Tree
The Fire Chief
The Flipped Lid
The Flying Broom
The Flying Carpet
The Fortune Teller
The Golden Touch
The Great Laruso
The Great Oz Auto Race
The Green Golfer
The Green Thumb
The Green Tomato
The Gusher
The Happy Forest
The Hilies and Billies
The Inferior Decorator
The Invisible Man
The Jail Breakers
The Last Straw
The Long Hair
The Magic World of Oz
The Mail Man
The Monkey Convention
The Munchkin Robin Hood
The Music Men
The O.N.
The Poet
The Pony Express
The Pudgy Lion
The Races
The Raffle
The Reunion
The Rubber man
The Salesman
The Scarecrow
The School Marm
The Search
The Skills of Bravery
The Strawman Twist
The Sucker
The Super Duper Market
The Three Musketeers
The Wisdom Teeth
The Witch Switch
The Witch's Boy Friend
The Wizard's Magic Wand
The Wizard's Tail Fins
The Yellow Brick Road
The Yellow Canary
To Bee or Not To Bee
To Stretch A Point
Too Much Heart
Topsy-Turvy Town
Two Heads Are Better Than One
unknown #124
unknown #125
unknown #126
Watch The Bouncing Bull
Well Done

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