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Stop the Smoggies

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Total Episodes : 52 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 52

Season 1
A Feather In Her Cap
A Long Way From Home
A Smoggies' Birthday
A Trip To The Rain Forest
Air Scare
Anniversary Schmaltz
Black Day In Sun Tot Town
Bouncy Briny
Bubble Mania
Burled But Not Gone
Cool It
Coral Cup
Deep Sleep
Dirty Soap
Don't Bug The Bugs
Double Talk
Dr. Jekyll and Mister Polluto
Dust To Dust
Emma's Green Thumb
Goodbye Engine Number Nine
Hair-Raising Tale
Heat Wave
Leader of The Pack
Maglo Muddle
Mushroom Menace
Never Cry Wolf
No Small Problem
Off To the Races
Oil or Nothing
President Boom
Ripe for the Picking
Salt Story
Seaweed Frenzy
Size Isn't Everything
Snow Show
Target Practice
The Big Heat
The Not-So-Freshman
The Purple Tide
The Sounds of Music ?
Tot Trap
Turtle Trauma
Under The Rainbow
Wave Goodbye
Which Is Witch
Wide Blou Yonder
You Are What You Eat
Zombies of Coral Island

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