Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy

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Total Episodes : 45 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 45

Season 1
Big Top Pop
Bud Brothers
Cat Happy Pappy
Crow Cronies
Dough Nutty
Fan Clubbed
Foxhound Hounded Fox
From Ape To Z
Fuss N' Feathers
Gone To The Ducks (with Yakky Doodle)
Good Mouse Keeping
Growing Growing Gone
Hand To Mouse
High and Flighty
Horse Fathers
Hum Sweet Hum
In The Picnic Of Time
It's A Mice Day
It's A Worm Day
Let's Duck Out
Little Wonder
Mars Little Precious
Million Dollar Robbery
Musket Tears
Nag! Nag! Nag!
Party Pooper Pop
Patient Pop
Peck O' Trouble
Pint Giant
Pipsqueak Pop
Playmate Pup
Pop's Nature Pup (with Yogi Bear)
Pup Plays Pop
Skunk You Very Much
Snagglepuss (with Snagglepuss)
Swats The Matter
Talk It Up, Pup
Tee Vee Or Not Tee Vee
The Party Lion (with Snagglepuss)
Treasure Jest
Vacation Tripped
Watchdog Augie
Whatever Goes Pup
Yuk Yuk Duck (with Yakky Doodle)

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