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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

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Total Episodes : 21 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Attack of the Killer...Pimentoes?
Beach Blanket Tomato
Camp Casserole: So Vine
Frankenstem Tomato
Give a Little Whistle
Invasion of the Tomato Snatchers
Spatula, Prinze of Dorkness
Streets of Ketchup
Terminator Tomato from Tomorrow
The Gang That Couldn't Squirt Straight
Tomato from the Black Lagoon
Tomato Invasion from Mars
War of the Wierds
Total Episodes for Season 2: 8

Season 2
A Rotten Reversal
As the Worms Turn
Phantomato of the Opera
Stemming the Tide
The Great Tomato Wars
The Ripening Disaster
Ultra-tomato III


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