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Total Episodes : 112 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 112

Season 1
A Boy and His Dog
A Peep ion the Deep
A Worm's Eye View
Animal Cracker Circus
Auto Show
Aw, Nurse
Battle of the Barn
Birds in Love
Bluebird's Baby
Champing Out
Chinatown Mystery
Concert Kid
Dunsay Clothes
Duzzy Ducks
Flop House
Graduation Exercises
Happy Birthday
Happy Butterfly
Holiday Land
Hollywood Babies
Hollywood Graduation
Hollywood Sweepstakes
I Want to Be an Actress
In My Gondola
Kangaroo Kid
Let's Go
Let's Ring Doorbells
Looney Balloonists
Lucky Pigs
Man of Tin
Merry Mannequins
Merry Mutineers
Midnight Frolics
Millionaire Hobo
Minding the Baby
Mother Hen's Holiday
Movei Struck
Nell's Yells
Park Your Baby
Peaceful Neighbors
Playing Politics
Pooch Parade
Poor Little Butterfly
Practice Makes Perfect
Puttin' Out the Kitten
Railroad Wretch
Sandman Tales
Sassy Cats
Scary Crowns
Schoolboy Dreams
Scrappy's Added Attraction
Scrappy's Art Gallery
Scrappy's Band Concert
Scrappy's Big Moment
Scrappy's Boy Scouts
Scrappy's Camera Troubles
Scrappy's Expedition
Scrappy's Ghost Story
Scrappy's Music Lesson
Scrappy's News Flashes
Scrappy's Party
Scrappy's Playmates
Scrappy's Pony
Scrappy's Relay Race
Scrappy's Rodeo
Scrappy's Side Show
Scrappy's Television
Scrappy's Theme Song
Scrappy's Toy Shop
Scrappy's Trailer
Scrappy's Trip to Mars
Showing Off
Skeleton Frolic
Spring Fesitval
Stepping Stones
Swing Monkey Swing
The Air Hostess
The Bad Genius
The Beer Parade
The Big Birdcast
The Black Sheep
The Charm Bracelet
The Clock Goes Round and Round
The Dog Snatcher
The Early Bird
The False Alarm
The Foolish Bunny
The Foxy Pup
The Frog Pond
The Gloom Chasers
The Gold Getters
The Gorilla Hunt
The Great Bird Mystery (The Famous Bird Case)
The Great Experiment
The Happy Tots
The Horses on the Merry-Go-Round
The House That Jack Built
The Little Match Girl
The Little Pest
The Little Treasure
The Match Kid
The Novelty Shop
The Pet Shop
The Puppet Murder Case
The Wolf at the Door
The World's Affair
Treasure Runt
Window Shopping
Yelp Wanted

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