Scooby Doo and Scrappy Puppy Hour, The

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Total Episodes : 39 

Total Episodes for Season 4: 39

Season 4
A Gem of a Case (7 min)
Alien Shmalien (7 min)
Basketball Bumblers (7 min)
Beauty Contest Caper (7 min)
Bride and Gloom (7 min)
Cable Car Caper (7 min)
Captain Canine Caper (7 min)
Close Encounter of the Worst Kind (7 min)
Comic Book Caper (7 min)
Disappearing Car Caper (7 min)
Double Trouble Date (7 min)
Dumb Waiter Caper (7 min)
From Bad to Curse (7 min)
Go East, Young Pardners (7 min)
Hoedown Showdown (7 min)
Law and Disorder (7 min)
Low-Down Showdown (7 min)
Mine Your Own Business (7 min)
Misfortune Teller
Movie Monster Menace (7 min)
Muscle Trouble (7 min)
One Million Years Before Lunch (7 min)
Picnic Poopers (7 min)
Runaway Scrappy
Scooby-Doo and Genie-Poo (7 min)
Slippery Dan, the Escape Man (7 min)
Snow Job Too Small (7 min)
Stake-Out and the Take-Out (7 min)
Super Teen Shaggy (7 min)
The Catfish Burglar Caper (7 min)
The Incredible Cat Lady Caper (7 min)
The Maltese Mackerel (7 min)
Tragic Magic (7 min)
Tumbleweed Derby
Up a Crazy River (7 min)
Vild Vest Vampire (7 min)
Where's the Werewolf? (7 min)
Who's Scooby-Doo?
Yabba's Hustle Rustle (7 min)

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