Samurai Jack

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Total Episodes : 52 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 20

Season 1
I (The Beginning)
II (The Samurai called Jack)
III (The First Fight)
IV (Jack, the Woolies, and the Mitchellites)
IX (Jack Under the Sea)
V (Jack in Space)
VI (Jack and the Warrior Woman)
VII (Jack and the Three Blind Archers)
VIII (Jack vs. Mad Jack)
X (Jack and the Lava Monster)
XI (Jack and the Scotsman)
XII (Jack and the Gangsters)
XIII (Aku's Fairy Tales)
XIV (Jack Learns to 'Jump Good')
XIX (Jack Remembers the Past)
XV (Jack Tales)
XVI (Jack and the Smackback)
XVII (Jack and the Scotsman, Part 2)
XVIII (Jack and the Ultra-robots)
XX (Jack and the Monks)
Total Episodes for Season 2: 20

Season 2
XL (Samurai vs. Ninja)
XLI (Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo Bot)
XLII (The Aku Infection)
XXI (Jack and the Farting Dragon)
XXII (Jack and the Hunters)
XXIII (Jack vs Demongo, the Soul Collector)
XXIV (Jack is Naked)
XXIX (Jack and the Clenches)
XXV (Jack and the Spartans)
XXVI (Jack's Sandals)
XXVII (Chicken Jack)
XXVIII (Jack and the Rave)
XXX (Jack and the Zombies)
XXXI (Jack and the Scarab)
XXXII (Jack and the Travelling Creatures)
XXXIII (Jack and the Creature)
XXXIV (Jack and the Three Gems)
XXXIX (Jack and the Labyrinth)
XXXV (Jack and the Haunted House)
XXXVI (Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son)
Total Episodes for Season 3: 12

Season 3
XLIII (The Aku Infection)
XLIV (The Princess and the Bounty Hunters)
XLIX (Seasons of Death)
XLV (Scotsman Saves Jack Pt. 1)
XLVI (Scotsman Saves Jack Pt. 2)
XLVII (The Winged Children)
XLVIII (Jack vs. Aku)
XXXVII (The Birth of Evil Pt. 1)
XXXVIII (The Birth of Evil Pt. 2)

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