Ripley's Believe It or Not

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Total Episodes : 26 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 26

Season 1
A Dragon's Lullaby
A Flare for Fashion
A Helping Hand
And Now the Weather
Can't See the Forest for the Trees
Curse of the Pharaoh's Tomb
Eternity for Sale
Follow Your Dreams
Ghost of the Mystery House
Hate Never Sleeps
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
In His Uncle's Footsteps
Love's Many Charms
Peace for a Princess
The Daruma Dolls
The Evil Eye
The First Artifact
The Golden Helmet of Ur
The Lama's Skull
The Lie Detector
The Million Year Old Egg
The Sweet Taste of Revenge
The Vampire Kit
Wattam the Warriors' Mask
Well Doon, Cyril!
With the Strength of Ten

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