Richie Rich (90's)

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Total Episodes : 13 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Back in the Saddle / City Kitty / Little Audrey Riding Hood
Bugged Out / Mousetro Herman / TV Fuddlehead
Cleaned Out / Back in the Saddle / Rich and Chocolatey
Dognapped / Mice Paradise / Law and Audrey
Girls Only / Mice Capades / Dizzy Dishes
Invasion of the Cadbury Robots / Felineous Assault / Feast and Furious
Nothing to Hiccup At / Cat Tamale / Dawg Gone
One of a Kind / Will Do Mousework / Seapreme Court
Rich and Chocolatey / From Mad to Worse / Audrey the Rainmaker
Roughing It / Mousier Herman / Fishing Tackler
The Love Potion / Mice Meeting You / Jolly the Clown

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