Richie Rich

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Total Episodes : 33 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Abominable Snow Plan, The / Miss Robot America / Constructo
Baseball Dollar / Sinsiter Sports Spectacular, The / It's No Giggling Matter
Cave Boy Richie / Young Irona / Great Charity Train Robbery, The
Counterfeit Dollar / Greatest Invention in the World, The / Who s Afraid of the Big Bad Bug
Irona Versus Demona / Chef s Suprise / Snow Bounders, The
Kangaroo Hop, The / Cur Wash / Blur, The
Poor Little Richbillies / Chowhound / Mystery Mountain
Prankster Beware / Phantom of the Movies / Clothes Make the Butler
Rare Scare, The / Kitty Sitter / One of Our Aircraft Carriers is Missing
Robotnappers, The / Piggy Bank Prank / Muscle Beach
Silence is Golden / Shocking Lady Strikes Again, The / Spring Cleaning
T.V. Dollar / Disappearing Dignitaries / Most Unforgetable Butler, The
Wiped Out / Welcome Uncle Cautious / Disaster Master
Total Episodes for Season 2: 8

Season 2
An Ordinary Day / Money Talks / Mischief Movie
Bye-Bye Baby / Special Talent, A / Villians Incorporated
Chilly Dog / Rich Mice / King Bee
Dog Gone / Carnival Man / Day the Estate Stood Still, The
Richie of the Round Table / I Want My Mummy / Canine Cadet
Robot Robber / No Substitute for a Watch Dog / Around the World on Eighty Cents
Schoolhouse Romp / Chef's Watch Dog, The / Space Shark
Tooth is Stranger than Fiction / Butlering Made Easy / Voodoo Island
Total Episodes for Season 3: 8

Season 3
Born Flea / Money Plant / How Human / Collector, The
Boy of the Year / Robot Bug Guards / Youth Maker, The / I Say You All
Everybody's Doing It / Richie's Cube / Dollar's Exercise / Maltese Monkey, The
Look Alike / Hard to Study / Gold Frame / Sky Hook
Mayda Munny / Coin Flipper / Busy Butler / Haunting of Castle Rich, The
Midas Touch, The / Ball Room / Genie with the Light Brown Hair, The / Dignified Doggy
Pie-Eyed Piper, The / Giant Pearl / Richie Goes to Shirik / Guard Dog
Suavo / Sugar Bowl / Shoe Biz / Giant Ape Caper, The
Total Episodes for Season 4: 4

Season 4
A Whale of a Tale / Rich No More
T.V. Phantom, The / Richie Hood
The Irona Story / The Demon's Diamond
The Snowman Commeth / The Ends of the Earth

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