Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad, The

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Total Episodes : 49 

Total Episodes for Mr. Toad:: 17

Mr. Toad:
Build a Better Bungalow
Casey Tad
Gentlemen's Gentleman
Ghost of Toad Hall
Jack of All Trades
Jove! What A Day
Micemaster Road
Movie Maker Toad
Polo Panic
Sail Ho-Ho
The Amphibious Mr. Toad
The Demolition Derby
The Great Bonfire Contest
The Great Motorcycle Race
Toad's Time Machine
Twenty Thousand Inches Under the Sea
Total Episodes for Reluctant Dragon:: 32

Reluctant Dragon:
A Cold Day in Willowmarch
A Day at the Fair
Cowardly Herman
Daisies Away
Dragon Under Glass
Free a Cold, Starve a Viking
Happy Birthday, Dear Tobias
How to Be A Wizard
How to Vex a Viking
If It's a Wednesday It Must Be Vikingland
Lights, Camera, Action
Merlin the Magician, Jr.
National Daisy Week
Never Count on a Cornflower
No Bix Like Show Bix
Saving the Crown
Sir Tobias
Subway Sabotage
Taxes Are a Drag on Dragons
The Big Break
The Campscount Girls
The Flying Flagon
The Haunted Castle
The Kid's Last Fight
The Purple King
The Robot Dragon
The Starve Versus Herman, the Attrocious
The Tobias Touch
Tobias the Terror of the Tournament
Tobias, the Reluctant Viking
Wretched Robin Hood

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