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Total Episodes : 145 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 37

Season 1
arthur and the crunch cereal contest/d.w. flips
arthur and the real mr.rarburn/arthurs spelling trubble
arthur babysits/arthurs cousin catastrophe
arthur goes to camp/buster makes the grade
arthur makes the movie/go to your room
arthur the wrecker/arthur and the true francine
arthur writes a story/arthurs lost dog
arthurs almost boring day/the half-baked sale
arthurs baby/d.w.'s baby
arthurs birthday/francine frensky, super star
arthurs chicken pox/sick as a dog
arthurs eyes/francines bad hair day
arthurs family vacation/grandpa dave's old country farm
arthurs faraway friend/arthur and the square dance
arthurs first sleepover/arthurs new years eve
arthurs new puppy/arthur bounces back
arthurs pet business/d.w. the copycat
arthurs tooth/D.W. gets lost
arthurs underwear/francine frensky, olympic rider
bully for binky/misfortune teller
buster baxter,cat saver/play it again D.W.
d.w. all wet/busters dino dilemma
D.W. goes to washington/arthurs mysterious envelope
D.W. rides again/arthur makes the team
D.W. thinks big/arthur cleans up
D.W.'s blankie/arthurs substitute teacher trouble
d.w.'s imaginary freind/arthurs lost library book
D.W.'s snow mystery/team trouble
D.W., picky eater/buster and the dare devils
grandma thora appreciation day/fern's slumber party
I'm a poet/the scare-your-pants-off-club
locked in the library/arthur the accused
meek for a week/arthur,worlds greatest gleeper
my club rules/stolen bike
my dad,the garbage man/poor muffy
so long spanky/busters best freind
sue ellen moves in/the perfect brother
Total Episodes for Season 10: 10

Season 10
Binky vs. Binky / Operation: D.W.!
D.W. Aims High / Flaw and Order
Desert Island Dish / The Secret About Secrets
Do You Speak George? / World Girls
Feeling Flush / Family Fortune
Happy Anniversary
The Curse of the Grebes / Arthur Changes Gears
The Squirrels / Fern & Persimmony Glitchet
Unfinished / D.W., Bossy Boots
What's Cooking? / Buster's Special Delivery
Total Episodes for Season 11: 10

Season 11
Arthur Sells Out / Mind Your Manners
Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery / Strangers on a Train
Big Brother Binky
Buenas Noches, Vicita / Prunella Packs it In
D.W. On Ice / Spoiled Rotten
Francine's Pilfered Paper / Buster Gets Real
Hic or Treat / Mr. Alwaysright
Phony Fern / Brain's Shocking Secret
Swept Away / Germophobia
The Making of Arthur / Dancing Fools
Total Episodes for Season 2: 13

Season 2
arthur meets mr.rogers/draw!
arthur vs. the piano/the big blow-up
arthur vs. the very mean crossing guard/D.W.'s very bad mood
arthurs tv-free week/night fright
binky barnes,art expert/arthurs lucky pencil
D.W.'s deer freind/buster hits the books
D.W.'s name game/finders key-pers
Francine redecorates/arthur the loser
how the cookie crumbles/sue ellens little sister
lost!/the short,quick summer
love notes for muffy/D.W. blows the whistle
sue ellen's lost diary/arthurs knee
water and the brain/arthur the unfunny
Total Episodes for Season 3: 15

Season 3
arthur and D.W. clean up/the long,dull winter
arthur goes crosswire/sue ellen and the brainasaurous
arthur rides the bandwagon/dads dessert dilemma
arthurs dummy disaster/francine and the feline
arthurs treasure hunt/return of the king
attack of the turbo tibbles/D.W. tricks the tooth fairy
background blues/and now let's talk to some kids
binky rules/meet binky
buster's back/the ballad of buster baxter
D.W., all fired up/I'd rather read it myself
double tibble trouble/arthurs almost live not real music festival
mom and dad have a great big fight//D.W.'s perfect wish
popular girls/buster's growing grudge
the chips are down/revenge of the chip
what scared sue ellen?/clarissa is cracked
Total Episodes for Season 4: 10

Season 4
1001 dads/prunellas predictions
binky barnes,wingman/to beat or not to beat
busters breathless/the fright stuff
D.W's library card/arthurs big hit
D.W. tale spins/prunella gets it twice
hide and snake/muffys new best freind
my music rules/that's a baby show
the blizzard/the rat who came to dinner
the contest/prove it
what is that thing/buster's best behavior
Total Episodes for Season 5: 10

Season 5
Arthur and the Big Riddle / Double Dare
Arthur's Family Feud / Muffy Gets Mature
It's a No-Brainer / The Shore Thing
Just Desserts / The Big Dig
Kids are From Earth, Parents are From Pluto / Nerves of Steal
Sleep No More / Pet Peeved
The Election / Francine Goes to War
The Last of Mary Moo Cow / Bitzi's Beau
The Lousy Week / You Are Arthur...
The World Record / The Cave
Total Episodes for Season 6: 10

Season 6
Arthur Loses His Marbles / Friday the 13th
Arthur Plays the Blues / Buster's Sweet Success
Citizen Frensky / D.W.'s Backpack Mishap
Muffy's Soccer Shocker / Brother Can You Spare a Clarinet?
Prunella's Special Edition / The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies
Rhyme for Your Life / For Whom the Bell Tolls
Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked / Best of the Nest
The Boy with His Head in the Clouds / More!
The Good Sport / Crushed
Total Episodes for Season 7: 10

Season 7
Ants in Arthur's Pants / Don't Ask Muffy
April 9th
Cast Away / The Great Sock Mystery
D.W.'s Time Trouble / Buster's Amish Mismatch
Elwood City Turns 100!
Francine's Split Decision / Muffy Goes Metropolitan
Pick a Car, Any Car / Jenna's Bedtime Blues
Prunella Sees the Light / Return of the Snowball
The World of Tomorrow / Is There a Doctor in the House?
To Tibble the Truth / Waiting to Go
Total Episodes for Season 8: 10

Season 8
Arthur's Snow Biz / Bugged
Big Horns George / *Bleep*
Dear Adil / Bitzi's Break-Up
Desk Wars / Desperately Seeking Stanley
Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain / Thanks a Lot, Binky
Fernkenstein's Monster / D.W., Dancing Queen
Flea to Be You and Me / Kiss and Tell
Muffy's Art Attack / Tales from the Crib
Postcards From Buster!
Vomitrocious! / Sue Ellen Chickens Out
Total Episodes for Season 9: 10

Season 9
Arthur Makes Waves / It Came From Beyond
Arthur Weighs In / The Law of the Jungle Gym
Binky Goes Nuts / Breezy Listening Blues
Buster's Green Thumb / My Fair Tommy
Castle in the Sky / Tipping the Scales
D.W. Beats All / Buster the Myth Maker
Francine's Big Top Trouble / George Blows His Top
Lights, Camera, Opera! / All Worked Up!
The "A" Team / Emily Swallows a Horse
Three's a Crowd / "A" is for Angry

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