Police Academy: The Animated Series

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Total Episodes : 61 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 61

Season 1
A Bad Knight For Tackleberry
A Blue Knight At The Opera
Alpine K-9s
Big Burger
Big Top Cops
Camp Academy
Cop Scouts
Cops & Robots
Curss On You!
Deja Voodoo
Dr. Deadstone I Presume
Elementary My Dear Coppers
Fat City
Fish And Microchips
Flights of The Bumbling Blues
For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll
Hawaii Nine-0
K-9 Corps And The Peking Pooch
Karate Cop
Lights, Action, Coppers
Little Red And Big Bertha
Mad Maxine
Mr. Sleaze Versus Lockjaw
My Mummy Lies Over The Ocean
Nine Cops And A Baby
Now You Steal It, Now You Don't
Numbskull's Revenge
Operation Big House
Phantom Of The Precint
Police Academy Blues
Prince And The Copper
Proctor, Call A Doctor!
Professor Jekyll And Gangster Hyde
Puttin' On The Dogs
Rock Around The Cops
Rolling For Dollars
Santa With A Badge
Ship Of Jewels
Snow Job
Space Out Space Cadets
Suitable For Framing
Supercop Sweetchuck
Survival Of The Fattest
Sweetchuck's Brother
The Comic Book Caper
The Good, The Bad & The Bogus
The Hang Ten Gang
The Hillbilly Blues
The Junkman Ransoms The Ozone
The Legend Of Robin Good
The Monkey Trial
The Precinct Of Wax
The Tell Tale Tooth
The Wolf Who Cried Boy
Thieves Like Us
Trading Disgraces
Westward Ho Hooks
Wheels Of Fortune
Worth Her Weight In Gold
Zillion Dollar Zed

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