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Archibald the Koala

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Total Episodes : 46 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 46

Season 1
A Detective Goes Camping
A Hapless Birthday
A Hazardous Fishing Contest
A Mysterious Rescuer
A Star Is Born
Archduke's Amnesia
Archduke's Statue
Archdukes Cockatoo
Archibald and the Dragon
Brass Band
Edison's Clock
Edison's Trophy
LIghthouse of Rasteppape
Pizza Gazette
Read About Tomorrow, Today
Stop That Train
Strange Vibrations
The Big Show
The Big Twister
The Dragon
The Dynamis Dynamo
The Fake Necklace
The Fire Fighters
The Flower & The Magician
The Flower Thief
The Giant Mole
The Haunted House
The Heatwave
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Lucky Charm
The Machine From The Sky
The Messenger
The Meteorite
The Missing Boat
The Misunderstanding
The Mystery of the Floating Island
The Rugby Basket Mystery
The Sea Monster
The Snow Cannon
The Treasure Hunt
The Umbrellas of Rasteppape
The Waxworks of Rasteppape
The World Of Giants
Ultra Modern Town Hall
Whale Song

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