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Phantom 2040

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Total Episodes : 36 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 18

Season 1
Dark Orbit (1)
Dark Orbit (2)
Down The Line
Fire And ICE
Generation Unto Generation (1)
Generation Unto Generation (2)
Ghost In The Machine
Lasers In The Jungle
Life Lessons
Reflections of Glory
Shadows From The Past
Swifter, Higher, Faster
The Biot In Red
The Gauntlet
The Good Mark
The Magician
The Sum Of The Parts
Three Into One
Total Episodes for Season 2: 18

Season 2
A Boy And His Cat
Control Group
Ghost Who Walks
Matter Over Mind
Moments Of Truth
Rite Of Passage
The Furies
The Sacrifice (1)
The Sacrifice (2)
The Second Time Around
The Sins Of The Father (1)
The Sins Of The Father (2)
The Ties That Bind
The Whole Truth
The Woman In The Moon
The World Is My Jungle

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