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Peabody's Improbable History

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Total Episodes : 92 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 92

Season 1
Alexander Graham Bell
Alfred Nobel
Annie Oakley
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Buffalo Bill
Calamity Jane
Captain Kidd
Captain Matthew Clift
Charge Of The Light Brigade
Christopher Columbus
Commander Peary
Daniel Boone
Don Juan
Edgar Allan Poe
Ferdinand Magellan
First Kentucky Derby
Florence Nigtingale
Francis Scott Key
Francisco Pizzaro
Franz Schubert
George Armstrong Custer
Guglielmo Marconi
Hans Christian Oersted
Henry The Eighth
James Aubudon
James Whistler
Jesse James
Jim Bowie
Johann Gutenberg
John Holland
John L. Sullivan
John Sutter
Jules Verne
King Arthur
Kit Carson
Lawrence Of Arabia
Leif Ericson
Leonardo Da Vinci
Lord Francis Douglas
Lord Nelson
Louis Pasteur
Louis XVI
Lucretia Borgia
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Marco Polo
Mata Hari
P. T. Barnum
Pancho Villa
Paul Revere
Peter Cooper
Ponce De Leon
Richard The Lion Hearted
Robert Fulton
Robin Hood
Robinson Crusoe
Scotland Yard
Show Opening
Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sitting Bull
Stanley And Livingstone
Stephen Decatur
The Battle Of Bunker Hill
The Building Of The Great Pyramid
The First Bullfight
The First Caveman
The First Golf Match
The First Indian Nickel
The First Indianapolis Auto Race
The French Foreign Legion
The Great Wall Of China
The Marquis Of Queensbury
The Pony Express
The Royal Mounted Police
The Surrender Of Cornwallis
The Texas Rangers
The Wright Brothers
Wellington At Waterloo
William Tecumseh Sherman
William Tell
Wyatt Earp
Zebulon Pike


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