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Total Episodes : 170 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 170

Season 1
A Hair Raising Tale
A Haunting We Will Go
A Lamb In A Jam
A Leak In The Dike
A Mutt In A Rut
A Self Made Mongrel
A Sight For Squaw Eyes
A Tiger's Tail
Abner The Baseball
Alvin's Solo Flight
As The Crow Lies
Audrey The Rainmaker
Be Mice To Cats
Better Bait Than Never
Butterscotch And Soda
By Leaps And Hounds
Campus Capers
Candy Cabaret
Cape Kidnaveral
Cat Carson Rides Again
Cat Choo
Cat O' Nine Ails
Cat Tamale
Cheese Burglar
Chew Chew Baby
Cilly Goose
City Kitty
Clown On The Farm
Cock-A-Doodle Dino
Counter Attack
Dante Dreamer
Dawg Gawn
Dizzy Dishes
Feast And Furious
Fiddlin' Around
Fido Beta Kappa
Fine Feathered Fiend
Finnegan's Flea
Fishing Tackler
Flip Flap
Gabriel Churchkitten
Geronimo And Son
Git Along Li'l Duckie
Good And Guilty
Good Snooze Tonight
Goodie The Gremlin
Goofy Goofy Gander
Gramps To The Rescue
Grateful Gus
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Hector's Hectic Life
Hep Cat Symphony
Hiccup Hound
Hobo's Holiday
Hold The Lion Please
Homer On The Range
Horning In
Hound About That
Hound For Pound
Huey's Ducky Daddy
Huey's Father's Day
It's For The Birdies
Jolly The Clown
Jumping With Toy
Kitty Cornered
Kozmo Goes To School
L'amour The Merrier
Laddy And His Lamp
Land Of Lost Watches
Land Of The Lost
Land Of The Lost Jewels
Law And Audrey
Leprechaun's Gold
Lion In The Roar
Little Audrey Riding Hood
Little Red School Mouse
Madhattan Island
Mice Meeting You
Mice Paradise
Monkey Doodles
Mr. Money Gags
Much Ado About Mutton
Naughty But Mice
News Hound
No If's, Ands, Or Butts
No Mutton For Nuttin'
Northern Mites
Okey Dokey Donkey
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Old Shell Game
Ollie The Owl
One Quack Mind
Op Pop Wham And Bop
Out Of This Whirl
Party Smarty
Peck Your Own Home
Pedro And Lorenzo
Perry Popgun
Pest Pupil
Planet Mouseola
Pleased To Eat You
Poop Goes The Weasel
Possum Pearl
Rabbit Punch
Robin Hoodwinked
Santa's Surprise
Saved By The Bell
Scout Fellow
Scrappily Married
Sheep Shape
Sick Transit
Silly Science
Sir Irving And Jeames
Sleuth But Sure
Slip Us Some Redskin
Sock A Bye Kitty
Song Of The Birds
Space Kid
Spree For All
Starting From Hatch
Stork Raving Mad
Stupidstitious Cat
Sudden Fried Chicken
Suddenly It's Spring
Surf Bored
Swab The Duck
T.V. Or No T.V.
Tally Hokum
Tarts And Flowers
Teacher's Pest
The Animal Fair
The Awful Tooth
The Bored Cuckoo
The Case Of The Cockeyed Canary
The Enchanted Square
The Friendly Ghost
The Goal Rush
The Henpecked Rooster
The Lion's Busy
The Little Cutup
The Lost Dream
The Mild West
The Mite Makes Right
The Oily Bird
The Seapreme Court
The Sheepish Wolf
The Story Of George Washington
The Trip
The Voice Of The Turkey
The Wee Men
There's Good Boos Tonight
Trick Or Tree
Turning The Fables
Turtle Scoop
Ups And Downs Derby
We're In The Honey
When G.I. Johnny Comes Marching Home
Whiz Quiz Kid
Winner By A Hare
Without Time Or Reason
Yankee Doodle Donkey
Yule Laff

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