New Yogi Bear Show, The

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Total Episodes : 45 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 45

Season 1
Attack Of the Ninja Raccoon
Banjo Bear
Battle Of the Bears
Bear Exchange
Bear Obedience
Bearly Buddies
Bearly Sick
Biker Bear
Blast Off Bears
Board Silly
Boxcar Pop
Bringing Up Yogi
Bruise Cruise
Buffalo'd Bear
Clucking Crazy
Come Back Little Boo Boo
Double Trouble
Grin & Bear It
In Search Of The Ninja Raccoon
Kahuna Yogi
La Bamba Bear
Little Bigfoot
Little Lord Boo Boo
Misguided Missile
My Buddy Blubber
Ninja Showdown
Old Biter
Pokey The Bear
Real Bears Don't Eat Quiche
Shadrak Yogi
Shine on Silver Screen
Slim & Bear It
Slippery Smith
The Big Bear Ballet
The Hopeful Diamond
The Not So Great Escape
The Yolks on Yogi
To Bear Is Human
Top Gun Yogi
Yogi DeBeargeac'
Yogi Meets the Mummy
Yogi the Cave Bear

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In 1968, Directed by Bob Melendez and Ed Levitt, the animated TV special Babar the Little Elephant brought the famous Jean de Brunoff character to animated life for the first time.