New Casper Cartoon Show, The

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Total Episodes : 73 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 73

Season 1
Abner The Baseball Part 1-2
Absent Minded Robot
Be Mice To Cats
Bedtime Troubles
Bored Billionaire
Boss Is Always Right
Bouncing Benny
Busy Buddies
Cane And Able
Cape Kidnaveral
City Snickers
Cold Wave
Cool Cat Blues
Counter Attack
Crumley Cogwheel
Disguise The Limit
Enchanted Horse (The Flying Horse)
Enchanted Prince
Fiddle Faddle
Fine Feathered Friend
Funderful Suburbia
Giddy Gadgets
Goodie The Gremlin
Goody And Guilty
Greedy Giants
Growing Up
Heart Of Gold
Hi-Fi Jinx
Hound About That
Kid From Mars
Kings Of Toyland
Kozmo Goes To School
Lions Busy
Little Lost Ghost
Lonesome Giant
Magic Touch
Mighty Termite
Mike The Masquerader
Monkey Doodles
Mother Goose Land
Nothern Mites
Perry Popgun
Pick Up Your Own Home
Planet Mousela
Popcorn And Politics
Red Robbing Hood
Robin Hood
Scouting For Trouble
Shoe Must Go
Shooting Stars
Silly Science
Small Spooks
Super Spook
T.V. Or Not T.V.
Terry The Terror
The Phanotm Moustacher
The Professors Problem
The Witching Hour
Timid Knight
Top Cat
Trick Or Tree
Trouble Date
Turning The Fables
Turtle Scoop
Twin Troubles
Visit From Mars
Wandering Ghost
Weather Or Not
Wendy's Wish
Without Time Or Reason

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