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New Adventures of Superman, The

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Total Episodes : 68 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 68

Season 1
A.P.E. Stikes Again
Ape Army Of The Amazon
Braniac's Blue Bubbles
Can A Luthor Change His Spots?, Part 1
Can A Luthor Change His Spots?, Part 2
Luminians On The Loose, Part 1
Luminians On The Loose, Part 2
Luthor Strikes Again
Luthor's Fatal Fireworks
Luthor's Lethal Laser, Part 1
Luthor's Lethal Laser, Part 2
Luthor's Loco Looking Glass
Malevolent Mummy
Menace Of The Lava Men
Merlin's Magic Marbles
Mermen Of Emor
Mission Of Planet Peril
Neolithic Nightmare
Night Of The Octopod
Rain Of Iron, Part 1
Rain Of Iron, Part 2
Return Of The Warlock
Robot Of Riga
Seed Of Disater
Superman Meets Brainiac
Superman Meets His Match
Superman's Double Trouble
Team Of Terror, Part 1
Team Of Terror, Part 2
The Abominable Ice-man
The Atomic Superman
The Bird-Men From Lost Valley
The Cage Of Glass
The Chimp Who Made It Big
The Deadly Dish
The Deadly Icebergs
The Deadly Super-Doll
The Electro-Magnetic Monster
The Force Phantom
The Frightful Fire Phantom
The Ghost Of Kilbane Castle, Part 1
The Ghost Of Kilbane Castle, Part 2
The Halyah Of The Himalayas
The Image Maker
The Imp-Pratical Joker
The Insect Raiders
The Invisible Raiders
The Iron Eater
The Japanese Sandman, Part 1
The Japanese Sandman, Part 2
The Lethal Lightning Bug
The Men From A.P.E.
The Mysterious Mr. Mist, Part 1
The Mysterious Mr. Mist, Part 2
The Pernicious Parasite
The Prankster
The Prehistoric Pterodactyls
The Return Of Braniac
The Saboteurs
The Threat Of The Thrutans
The Toyman's Super Toy
The Toys Of Doom
The Treemen Of Arbora
The Two Faces Of Superman
The Warlock's Revenge
The Wicked Warlock
War Of The Bee Batallion
Wisp Of Wickedness

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