New Adventures of Pinocchio, The

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Total Episodes : 120 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 120

Season 1
A Dog's Best Friend
A Fair Trail
A Ticklish Situation
All Down Hill
An Ace In The Hole
Atlantis City
Aw Fudge
Away With The Wind
Baby Big
Back Stage Life
Back Track
Big Bomb Bake
By Hook Or By Crook
Candy Land
Cash & Carry Harry
Cattle Rattle
Chief Big Cheese
Clowning Around
Cricket High
Danny The Boon
Detour For Sure
Draw Pardner
Duck Luck
Dynamite Bright
Fast Talk
Feud For All
Floundering Around
Flying Bagpipes
Glockenspiel's Spiel
Go Fly A Kite
Going Down
Grab Bag
Havin' A Ball
Hide And Seek
Hog Bellows
Homeward Bound
Horse Sense
Hot Rod Hobo
Hup Two Three Four
It's Cool In The Cooler
It's No Joke Pinoc
Kangaroo Capers
Kangaroo Caught
Lady Barber
Lead on Leprechaun
Lock Stock And Crock
Monkey See
Mutiny On The Clipper
No Banks Thanks
Not So Hot Knot
Not So Private Eye
O'Lafferty The Magnificent
Once Around Please
One Little Indian
Paunchy Pouch
Peanut Butter Battle
Pick A Pocket
Pretty Pussycat Nips
Ring A Ding Ding
Rocket To Fame
Romin' In The Glomin'
Roscoe Romp
Short Circuit
Simon Says
Simoro's Last Chance
Sky Spy
Sleep Head
Sleep Watcher
Snow Use
Something's Fishy
Special Delivery
Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Star
Stage West
Steed Stallion
Stop Gap Sap
Stroll Around The Pole
Ten Cents A Glance
The Astronuts
The Bear Facts
The Big Heist
The Big Top Stop
The Boss Who Came To Dinner
The Cast Offs
The Crick Trick
The Fastest Wind
The Foot Print
The Gas Man Cometh
The Gold Bird
The Gold Brick Trick
The Hard Sell
The Highway Man
The Impatient Patient
The Litle Train Robbery
The Litterbugs
The Phoney Fairy
The Rescue Rock
The Treasure Measure
The Vast Mast
The Water Boy
The Witch Switch
The Zany Zombies
Thrown By The Throne
To Track A Thief
Toboy Rhapsody
Too Many Ghosts
TV Time
Underground Found
Upside Down Town
Westward Whoa
Willy Nilly
Willy Wiggly
Wish Wish And Away
Witch Switch
Witching You Well
Writers In The Sky

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