New Adventures of Flash Gordon, The

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Total Episodes : 32 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 16

Season 1
Chapter Eight: The Frozen World
Chapter Eleven: King Flash!
Chapter Fifteen: Revolt Of The Power Men
Chapter Five: The Beast Men's Prey
Chapter Four: To Save Earth
Chapter Fourteen: The Desert Hawk
Chapter Nine: Monster Of Glacier
Chapter One: A Planet In Peril
Chapter Seven: Adventure In Arboria
Chapter Six: Into The Water
Chapter Sixteen: Ming's Last Battle
Chapter Ten: Blue Magic
Chapter Thirteen: Castaways In Tropica
Chapter Three: Vultan, King Of The Hawkmen
Chapter Twelve: Ming's Tournament Of Death
Chapter Two: The Monsters Of Mongo
Total Episodes for Season 2: 16

Season 2
Beware Of Gifts
Deadly Double
Flash Back
Gremlin The Dragon
Gremlin's Finest Hour
Micro Menace
Royal Wedding
Sacrifice Of The Volcano Men
Sir Gremlin
The Freedom Balloon
The Game
The Memory Bank Of Ming
The Seed
The Survival Game
The Warrior
Witch Woman

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