My Life as a Teenage Robot

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Total Episodes : 23 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Attack of the 5 1/2 Ft. Geek / Doom with a View
Daydream Believer / This Time With Feeling
Dressed To Kill / Shell Game
Ear No Evil / Unlicensed Flying Object
Hostile Makeover / Grid Iron Glory
It Came from Next Door / Pest Control
Party Machine / Speak No Evil
Raggedy Android / Class Action
Return of the Raggedy Android / The Boy Who Cried Robot
Saved by the Shell / Tradeshow Showdown
See No Evil / The Great Unwashed
Sibling Tsunami / I Was a Preschool Dropout
The Wonderful World of Wizzly / Call Haiting
Total Episodes for Season 2: 9

Season 2
Another Krust Cousin / Everybody's A Funny Guy
Band Geek / The Playground 500
Dancing With My Shell / Around the World in Eighty Pieces
Future Shock / Humiliation 101
Last Action Zero / Mind Over Matter
Love 'Em or Leash 'Em / Teen Team Time
Premiere Of Prima / Circus Robot
Sister Sledgehammer / Pajama Party Prankapalooza
The Dating Game / Baby Robot
Total Episodes for Special: 1

A Robot For All Seasons

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