Maya and Miguel

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Total Episodes : 28 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 28

Season 1
A Little Culture
An Okri-Dokey Day
Career Day
Chrissy's Big Move
Family Time
I've Got to Be Mi-Guel
La Calavera
La Nueva Cocinita
Mala Suerte
Maya and Miguel, Come on Down!
Politics Unusual
Prince Tito
Rhymes With Gato
Soccer Mom
Surprise, Surprise
Teacher's Pet
Team Santos
The Adventures of Rabbit-Bird Man
The Autograph
The Bet
The Bully and the Bunny
The Cheery Chipper Cupid Sisters
The Letter
The Matchmaker
The Slump
The Wrestler Next Door
Tito's Mexican Vacation
When Maya Met Andy

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In 2000, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman try something entirely different with their underrated and entertaining 2D and CG-animated space epic, Titan A.E.