Mightyman and Yukk

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Total Episodes : 32 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 32

Season 1
Bad News Snooze
Beach Bum's Crime Wave
Big Mouse and Bad Mouse
Bye, Bye Biplane
Coach Crime's Big Play
Copy Cat
Dog Gone Dogs
Dr. Icicle
Evil Notions with Evila's Potions
Goldteeth's Bad Bite
Kragg the Conqueror
Krime Klown's Circus of Evil
Magnet Man
Never Retire with Mr. And Mrs. Van Pire
Public Rooster #1
Rob Around the Clock
Shake-Up with Ms. Make-Up
Sinister Super Suit
The Catman
The Dangerous Dr. Gadgets
The Diabolical Dr. Locusts
The Evil Evo-Ray
The Fiendish Friend
The Glutinous Glop
The Malevolent Marble Man
The Menacing Mindreader
The Perils of Paulette
Trouble Brews When Glueman Glues
Video Villain
Where There's a Will There's a Creep

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